Unflattering Bikini Shots Celebrities Wished You HADN'T Seen

They may well be an image of perfection on the red carpet, where the glossy veneer of style and glamour places them on a lofty pedestal beneath which their fans can only aspire.

But closer inspection shows that same veneer to look a little tarnished, not least when they’re stripped down to their bikinis for the inevitable round of tropical beach holidays.

Chantelle Houghton didn't look her best while running across the beach during a recent holiday in Spain

That fact was very apparent for Geordie Shore star Vicki Pattison, who was pictured in an unflattering pink bikini while holidaying in Spain.

The TV personality has been working hard to trim down over recent months, but her lack of conditioning was clear to see as she stomped through the surf during the early stages of her weight loss campaign.

Likewise Chanelle Hayes, who looked a shadow of her former self during a recent trip to Tenerife.

Geordie Shore star Vicki Pattison has been battling with her weight over the course of the year

Chanelle Hayes looked considerably bigger during a recent trip to Spain

The patriotic stars and stripes bikini badly let weight loss guru Ajay Rochester down on Sydney beach

The mother-of-one, a former Big Brother contestant, flaunted her fuller figure in a string of uncomplimentary shots on the beach. Meanwhile we await the fitness DVD.

Equally awkward pictures emerged if another Big Brother star in Chantelle Houghton, whose jog along a Spanish beach did not conjure images of Bo Derek.

Speaking earlier this year, she admitted that her figure had become less of a priority following the birth of Dolly, her daughter with former fiancé Alex Reid,

‘My belly’s really flabby, but I really don’t care right now,’ she said. ‘Dolly is my priority.’

It's behind you: Aging model Janice Dickinson wasn't at her best in Malibu earlier this year

Sharni Vincent show off painfully thin bikini bodies during separate holidays in Miami, Florida

Tara Reid show off painfully thin bikini bodies during separate holidays in Miami, Florida

Eva Longoria's growing belly was clear to see in Puerto Rico earlier this year

TOWIE babe Frankie Essex looked tanned, but not particularly toned as she frolicked with her man in a pair of saggy white bikini bottoms.

Frankie recently admitted that a penchant for fatty snacks was to blame for her weight gain, telling Now magazine: ‘I’m not confident about my belly and I never have been.’

But the TV personality star can take heart in the knowledge that even supermodels can have a bad day at the beach.

Catwalk queen Kate Moss, who showed off an uncharacteristically round tummy in a mismatched bikini while holidaying in Formentera.

She has since shed the belly after attending a tough spa in Thailand.

Opposites attract: Tara Reid and Ajay Rochester show off wildly contrasting bodies while enjoying respective holidays in Miami and Sydney earlier this year

Heidi Montag reveal their rib-cages as they peel off on the beach

Donna Air reveal their rib-cages as they peel off on the beach

Victoria Hervey's wide cleavage is exposed in Miami

Meanwhile presenter Donna Air appeared to go in the opposite direction while peeling off her top in the Caribbean during a romantic break with former boyfriend Sam Goldstone.

The Geordie star’s tanned appearance did nothing to disguise her prominent ribs and painfully thin frame.

Likewise Tara Reid, who looked like she needed a generous helping of American Pie during a trip to Miami, where she was spotted showing off her thinning frame in a blue two-piece.

What lies beneath: TOWIE babe Frankie Essex's white two-piece exposed her cellulite during a holiday with boyfriend John Lyons

Tara Reid revealed a thinner frame while she waded through the Miami surf

However, the actress’s lack of definition was made up for, in spades, by glamour model turned bodybuilder Jodie Marsh.

Former weight loss guru Ajay Rochester, has made a new career out of parading her fuller figure.

Despite her apparent weight gain, Ajay – author of 2003 self-help book Confessions of a Reformed Dieter – appeared to be having a whale of a time.

Slender: Both Kendall Jenner (U) and Alyson Hannigan (B) have revealed extremely thin waistlines while frolicking on the beach

Speaking to Australia’s 2Day FM earlier this year she admitted: ‘I've have put on about a kilo (2.2lbs) a week, 48 kilos. I'm huge.’

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Kendall Jenner looked wafer thin while she frolicked in the Malibu surf in her own stars and stripes bikini, while Alyson Hannigan looked equally thin during a Miami break with her family.

In a tweet posted following the birth of daughter Keeva last May she wrote: 'I think by Hollywood standards I’m supposed to be in bikini shape now that my baby is 4 weeks old. My workout goal: Food drops in lap, not on belly.'

Thinning frame: Alyson revealed her post baby weight loss in August

Katt Moss shows off a growing paunch

Janice Dickinson's leopard print bikini does little to compliment her figure