Top 10 of the Most Gorgeous Vintage Cars

You’ve heard the saying, and probably even said it yourself — “They sure don’t make ‘em like they used to!” That saying is likely never truer than with good old fashioned automobiles. Car aficionados the world over take great pleasure in finding, collecting, and restoring the classics.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and look at some of the finest classic automobiles of all time!

Breathtaking Views of Earth

We envy the International Space Station astronauts with their window on the world offering breathtaking views of the Earth and of the universe as a whole. Outer space may become the next frontier for vacations. If that becomes a reality, and we can book a space hotel with an eye in the sky overlooking Earth . . . wow, talk about a room with a view! Who would not want to go? We love to stargaze the majestic Milky Way, but crews from the ISS can also planet-gaze down at Earth. We also love NASA images and have looked at the space-walkers and photos captured from the ISS during Endeavor’s last-ever space walk.


10 Fascinating Cave Dwellings

Cave dwellings have been found in many regions of the world. These caves served as dwellings and as places of worship and were usually combined with surface structures. After the cave cities ceased to be inhabited, the surface structures fell into ruin and only the caves remained. Not all cave dwellings have been deserted however. In certain areas of northern China cave dwellings are still common serving as the homes for more than 40 million people.


Amazing photographs of Mars

Mars is the fourth planet from our Sun in the Solar System. Out of the various planets and moons in our Solar System, Mars perhaps bears the most similarity to Earth, featuring an atmosphere, polar ice caps, and remnants of tectonic activity on the planet’s surface. Mars has fascinated both astronomers and the general public for years, and has been the subject of countless movies and fiction works. Currently, several nations in the world are planning to send missions to Mars for exploration, and NASA’s Spirit Rover recently ended a 6 year exploration of the surface after becoming trapped in sand.


14 World Famous Domes

A dome is a hemispherical structure usually forming a ceiling or roof. Dome structures made of various materials have been used throughout history by several different civilizations. In the ancient Near East domes were made as tombs of solid mounds. The Inuit in the Arctic created their igloos from blocks of compacted snow, generally in the form of a dome.

Domes became technically significant with the introduction of the large-scale masonry hemispheres by the ancient Romans. The Sassanid Empire initiated the construction of the first large-scale domes in Persia while they regained popularity in Europe during the Renaissance and Baroque periods resulting in some of the most famous domes in the world.