More Demi Moore Pregnant Pose by Celebs

Exactly 19 years ago, in August of 1991, Demi Moore posed nude and pregnant on the cover of Vanity Fair. At the time, the image was considered shocking and its publication was met with a storm of controversy. It also turned out to be a groundbreaking image, one that opened the door for maternity photography.

Demi Moore

More than 20 years on and people are still talking about Demi's classic Vanity Fair cover. Even stranger, Demi has barely aged a day in the years since.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson looked a million bucks when she posed naked and pregnant in the pages of Elle. Incidentally that is probably also what her ring and earrings cost. Each.

Claudia Schiffer

Another one of the original '90s supermodels, Claudia Schiffer got the full fashion treatment when she appeared on the cover of German Vogue.

Cindy Crawford
The byline even read "Move Over Demi" when original '90s supermodel Cindy Crawford bared all on the cover of W magazine.

Brooke Shields

Actress Brooke Shields cut a more demure figure than most in her pregnant Vogue cover. Wet flesh-coloured material was as far as she was prepared to go.

Mariah Carey

Perhaps Mariah didn't choose the most flattering angle in her Demi Moore homage.

Britney Spears

When Britney Spears was pregnant with first son, Sean Preston, she was so excited about the experience that she did this photo shoot for Harper's Bazar - and how incredible did she look?! We're guessing they must have almost worn the airbrush out on this one.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr graced the pages of W while pregnant with husband Orlando Bloom's child.

Marisa Miller

Victoria's Secret Model Marisa Miller became the latest model to follow in Demi's footsteps when she appeared in Allure magazine.

Lisa Scott Lee

Lisa Scott Lee's only claim to fame might be that she was part of the '90s pop band Steps, but that didn't stop her getting her kit off while she was pregnant.

Danielle Lloyd

British reality star Danielle Lloyd looks like her belief is that pregnancy shouldn't get in the way of a deep mahogany tan.

Imogen Thomas

In an interview with this week's New! magazine, Imogen admitted her fears about giving birth and her changing body during her pregnancy. She said: 'I've been feeling a bit low and uncomfortable about putting on weight - I didn't feel sexy any more.

Nell McAndrew

Posing for Now magazine while seven months pregnant with her second child, Nell McAndrew opened up on the devastating miscarriage she suffered last year

Katie Price

Katie Price aka glamour model Jordan isn't giving the other women a run for their money in the sophistication stakes.

Jonny Vegas

British comedian Johnny Vegas wasn't afraid at poking a little fun at his plus-sized frame. Believe it or not this photograph actually hangs in Britain's National Portrait Gallery.


Nebulas and Their Earthly Doppelgangers

Meet the newly named Manatee nebula. Officially known as W50, this cloud of gas and dust is the remnant of a supernova explosion that happened 10,000 years ago in the constellation Aquila.

This image, released and renamed by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory on Jan. 19 to coincide with the Florida Manatee Festival, bears witness to the correspondence that heavenly phenomena sometimes have for more familiar things on Earth. Both the NRAO staff and members of the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge, home to many endangered West Indian manatees, hope to draw attention to the 40th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act with the release. The nebula joins the ranks of other nebulas named for animals, such as the Eagle nebula, Crab nebula, and Horsehead nebula.

But that’s not all. According to a press release from both organizations, manatees have a lot in common with the Manatee nebula, including the fact that:

The cloud is the remnant of a star that is impossible to spot with a common telescope; you need a telescope that can detect the low-energy radio wave light radiated by the nebula’s gases. Manatees can be hard to see in murky shallow waters. Spotters detect their presence by air bubbles and wakes.

The nebula bears arc-like scars carved into it by particles blasted from the jets of the exploded star’s remnant, a black hole, at its center. The scars bring to mind the scars many manatees bear from boat propellers that have gotten too close.

The nebula took more than 10,000 years to assume its manatee-like shape. Manatees also have a long gestation and infancy period – well, at least compared to other earthly creatures. Gestation lasts 12 to 14 months and infancy, two to five years.

Still, that got us thinking: Just how much do all those other nebulas actually resemble their biological namesakes? In this gallery, we take a side-by-side comparison of animal-shaped nebula and their animal doppelgangers. Please let us know which ones are most (or least) deserving of their titles and whether you can think of a better alternative in the comments.

T-Rex Nebula

There is definitely something ominous about the open cluster full of gas and dust, officially called NGC 602. (Or is that just us?) We propose calling it the T-Rex nebula after one of the most fearsome predators to ever live.

Tarantula Nebula

The Tarantula nebula, located in our satellite galaxy, the Large Magellanic Cloud, is a center for star formation. It is so bright that if it were as close as the famous Orion nebula (roughly 1,300 light-years away), it would cast shadows. In a similar vein, tarantulas are freaking awesome.

Ant Nebula

The Ant nebula results from the explosive death of a sun-like star, probably destroying any Earth-like planets in its vicinity. Ant rule planet Earth and we hope they never decide to destroy us.

Cat Eye Nebula

The Cat’s Eye nebula is one of the most complex nebulas around. Scientists have been studying it for hundreds of years and still don’t know exactly how it got its mysterious structure. Any cat owner knows that a cat’s internal thought structures are mysterious, probably impenetrable, and staring at their eyes will get you nowhere.

Bug Nebula

The ethereal Bug nebula is sometimes also called the Butterfly nebula. Its two-lobed structure could be easily comparable to the wings of a magnificent butterfly. Or the fact that it’s the result of a massive dead star could evoke comparisons to a bug on a cosmic windshield.

Eagle Nebula

The spectacular Eagle nebula is a center for star formation, most notoriously in the famous Pillars of Creation image from the Hubble space telescope. Eagles are spectacular birds of prey.

Pelican Nebula

The Pelican nebula is located in the constellation Cygnus, the swan, near the plane of the Milky Way. It looks a bit like an evil pelican. But then again, so do all pelicans.

Horsehead Nebula

Most people have heard of the Horsehead nebula, a dark patch in the constellation Orion. It might be the nebula that most closely resembles its animal namesake, the horse.

Owl Nebula

If you squint hard enough, you can see the owl-like eyes in the Owl nebula, a complex planetary nebula in the constellation Ursa Major. Owls are beautiful and majestic creatures with round faces, just like this nebula.

Red Spider Nebula

The white dwarf at the center of the Red Spider nebula is blowing out a hot wind and its surface temperature might be as high as 500,000 degrees Celsius. Red spiders are actually a species of tiny mite but this spider, which happens to be red, is much hotter.

Stingray Nebula

The Stingray nebula is located 18,000 light-years away in the constellation Ara. Stingrays are located all over the ocean. Watch out: they are fond of the photobomb.

Crab Nebula

The Crab nebula, located in the constellation Taurus the bull, has a spinning pulsar in its center emitting tons of radiation. Crabs do not emit radiation nor are they commonly found near bulls but they are cute, just like the Crab nebula.


morbidly obese glamour models posing in the name of art

It is said that the camera adds ten pounds – but that wouldn’t make a difference to these morbidly obese glamour models.

While most photographers dream of getting stick-thin supermodels to pose in front of their lens, Italian photographer Yossi Loloi , 36, has gone in an opposite direction.

He has produced these shocking images of super-sized women – in all their naked glory – for the sake of art.

One of the obese models used by Italian photographer Yossi Loloi, 36, for his collection of images of bigger women

Each woman in the project weighs at least 30 stone – with the heaviest pushing 43 stone – and hides nothing from the intrusive glare of the lens.

His fascination with women of size led him to New York’s underground ‘fat acceptance’ scene in 2006 where he began taking these provocative images of women, known as SSBBW (Super-sized Big Beautiful Women).

Every woman in the collection, including this one laid out on a sofa, weighs at least 30 stone

A super-sized women poses in all her glory for the sake of art

Yossi went on to produce FullBeauty, a project of full nudes that turns the notion of beauty and form, fashion and attraction on its head.

“I wanted to show that beauty isn’t owned by skinny people alone,” said Yossi.

“To this end the project had to be provocative, but at the same time reassuring, so I focussed on their fullness and femininity as a form of protest against discrimination.

A very curvy blonde woman

A round brunette model

This morbidly obese model lets it all hang out on the couch

Another overweight model poses at the top of the stairs

“My intention was to show women of size in a way that would be hard for people to criticise. So I shot them in settings that weren’t instantly recognizable.

“This way, the subjects would be taken out of context and viewed in their own intimacy, creating a sense of liberation and serenity.

“I was more interested in shooting these women for what they represent and not necessarily who they are in real life – to me they are human sculptures.”

While the photographs in his project will be judged by most on their artistic merit, Yossi accepts that they will be taken the wrong way by some viewers.

“It saddens me sometimes when people stop ‘at the gates’ of the ‘health issue’ rather than stepping inside the image and trying to understand it.

“It shows how we are spoiled culturally and so it is my job as an artist to ‘awaken’ feelings in others, be it outrage or marvel.

“With FullBeauty I am trying to underline that we all have the right to be appreciated the way we are and that there should be no dictatorship on taste.”


Airport Runway Becomes Parking Lot

Tens of thousands of vehicles damaged by Superstorm Sandy are being temporarily stored on runways and taxiways at Calverton Executive Airpark in Calverton, New York. The vehicles were recovered, processed and stored by Insurance Auto Auctions, a salvage auto auction company specializing in total-loss vehicles. The company made a deal with the Town of Riverhead to lease the airport land and then the vehicles will be auctioned online.

The Sandy-hit cars here sprawl over two runways that stretch 2 and 3 kilometers respectively. The first area rented by IAA covers 54 acres (22 hectares) but the company later contracted for more. IAA is able to rent the runways because the airport opens only in summer. The runways started to fill it at the end of November, but it has to be cleared by April when the runway opens for business.

IAA is getting rid of the vehicles at bargain prices, such as $2,025 for what was once a nice 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The auction is taking place in the Long Island town of Medford, and buyers typically have three to five days to get them off the airport runways.

Superstorm Sandy was one of the worst storms ever to strike the region that roared up the US east coast for several days in late October killing more than 110 people, flooding the New York City subway system and knocking out electricity for hundreds of thousands of people. Insurance companies paid out over $25 billion in compensation.


UFO Photos Leaked Out Of NASA-JSC

UFO Sighting Photos leaked out of NASA-Johnson Space Center, 100% clear UFOs In High Detail!

The UFOsshown in the video are in the NASA photos. It is a rare thing when a UFO photo sneaks its way out of NASA by accident, so this is a treasure for UFO researchers around the world.

Waring writes, "Take a look at these amazing photos that were leaked out of NASA Johnson Space Center. The quality of the photos is almost HD and the detail we see of the UFO recorded by a NASA satellite orbiting are incredible. The most important question here is not what they stations or ships, but is the species that built them still on board those ships? It looks to me that these photos were taken by someone that works for NASA and had access the famous "airbrush room." That is where they erase all the UFOs or alien evidence out of photos before they are released to the public. These photos are real, I stake my reputation on it."

Exopolitics Institute author and researcher Michael Salla says "As the photos and video make clear, there is unmistakable evidence of UFOs of an artificial design that have been photographed by NASA’s earth orbiting spacecraft. The UFO does not correspond to any known terrestrial spacecraft and appears to be alien in design. Nothing is known of the occupants, but Clark McClelland a former NASA employee who completed training as a Spacecraft Operator may have the answer.

During a 34 year career working as a NASA contractor/employee, McClelland was responsible for ensuring the safety of numerous NASA missions including Mercury spaceflights, Apollo missions, the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle. In a statement released on his website on July 29, 2008, McClelland revealed that he witnessed an eight to nine foot tall extraterrestrial in association with a Space Shuttle mission he was monitoring from the Kennedy Space Center.

McClelland wrote: I, Clark C. McClelland, former ScO [Spacecraft Operator], Space Shuttle Fleet, personally observed an 8 to 9 foot tall ET on his 27 inch video monitors while on duty in the Kennedy Space Center, Launch Control Center (LCC). The ET was standing upright in the Space Shuttle Payload Bay having a discussion with TWO tethered US NASA Astronauts! I also observed on my monitors, the spacecraft of the ET as it was in a stabilized, safe orbit to the rear of the Space Shuttle main engine pods. I observed this incident for about one minute and seven seconds. Plenty of time to memorize all that I was observing. IT WAS AN ET and Alien Star Ship!

Furthermore, McClelland wrote that he was not the only NASA official who witnessed the incident: "A friend of mine later contacted me and said that this person had also observed an 8 to 9 foot tall ET INSIDE the SPACE SHUTTLE CREW COMPARTMENT! Yes, inside OUR Shuttle! BOTH missions were DoD (Pentagon) TOP SECRET (TS) encounters!'

Waring admits he was a little taken aback when he saw the original photos. "How often do you get crisp 100% clear photos of a UFO and from non other that the US government to boot. With a source like that these photos cannot be disputed or debunked, but many have tried," Waring says

Don't take my word for it. Go to the photo links below and see them for yourself. Once you do, any doubt you once had about UFOs will vanish.

According to Salla at the Exopolitics Institute, McClelland's testimony reveals that extraterrestrial vehicles and personnel are able to perform highly complex maneuvers in the vicinity of NASA spacecraft, and even perform docking maneuvers. This gives credence to whistleblower claims that NASA regularly sanitizes videos or photographs of any images involving extraterrestrial technologies or artifacts during space missions.

Finally, McClelland's testimony suggests that there is a high level of cooperation between at least one extraterrestrial civilization and NASA/Pentagon. It appears that extraterrestrials may even be giving assistance in some space missions where difficulties arise as may have occurred with the tethered astronauts. McClelland's statement helps confirm other whistleblower testimonies of secret agreements concerning extraterrestrial life and technology (see: ). These testimonies have led to a civil society initiative to begin the process of nullifying all secret agreements concerning extraterrestrial life and technology.

NASA JSC deleted the high resolution versions, and kept the low res versions. Why did they do that? Here are the links to the low res versions: