Giant Monster Found on Land in Southeast Asia

Saw this video via Yahoo's homepage. The title read "Did they find a monster in Vietnam?"

Giant Monster found on land in Thailand

Had seen earlier pictures of this, but this is a 2 minute long video.

Can't be fake or a scam I suppose.

On the other hand, the language sounds Thai, I don't think it is in Vietnam.

The speaker says something that sounds like "Ka Proom Kap" at the beginning.

They look like they're trying to lift the giant body up onto a truck.

It's huge!! Just look at the people standing around it and compare their height to it's body.

The fins are awfully small though.

From the report, Officials have released a statement saying that it's a carcass of a whale.

Read from a comment that it is likely a "Baleen Whale"

. Something like this:

Some comments of the video I've found insightful:

1. "It is a whale that swam inland during the storm surge and got trapped when the waters receded. At times, in the video, you can see the baleen in it's mouth."- george ford

I googled "Baleen". Never seen the word before. It means "Baleen is a filter-feeder system inside the mouths of baleen whales."

2. " where is this location? I'm in Vietnam,,i have never heard about this before." - Pham Thu Lan

3. "Does not look like a whale. How did it get to the dry land and since the report said it ha been dug up, how long has this creature lay dead on the dry land? Has rotting start to occur? If yes, should be very smelly but this creature seem to be in one piece and no rotting was seen. Very strange!!!"