Strange Rain Phenomenon

The news told us about many incident happen in this world. Start from the flood in China, the last flood in Pakistan, and then the heat wave in Russia. The "hot topic" was about the weird rain phenomenon. This is not like a normal rain. Where the water falling down from the sky because of evaporation of water and freeze above the clouds. Then it condense into water droplets called rain. The rain in this hub really different. We can find the blood rain, fish rain until the frog rain. Very weird, isn't? I'll explained one by one below. Please continue to read.......

A mystery of blood rain in Kerala, India
No one can understand what happen in July 25, 2001. The heavy rains with the red color falling down in Kerala, India. This rain happened until September 5, 2001. More than 500,000 cubic meters of rainwater pouring into the earth and the color was Red like a blood. The first scientist give an argument, he thought that the red rain caused by the desert sand. But other scientist discovered something startling, red element inside the rain water are living cells. These cells didn't come from the earth.

The first rain fell in Kottayam and Idukki District in the Southern region of India. Not only red rains, but it also reported for the first 10 days the color of the rain in yellow, green even black. The rains felt in limited region and usually happen only 20 minutes per rain. The local residents find the clothes dried in the sun turns into red like blood. Local residents also reported the sound of explosions and the bright light before the rain. It has believed as the meteor explosions.

The sample of the rain was investigated by the Indian Government and the scientist. One of the independent scientists who examined this rains are Godfrey Louis and Santosh Kumara from the University of Mahatma Gandhi. They collected more than 120 reports from local residents and collect samples of red rain water from areas along 100 km. The first time they thought that the red particles come from the sand.

The scientis said that ........
Godfrey Louis dan Santosh Kumara found that the red elements in the rain water wasn't come from the sand, but it come from the living cells. The composition of these cells consisted of 50% Carbon, 45% oxygen and 5% other elements such as iron and sodium, consistent with the other components of biological cells, and cells were also dividing. The cell was between 30-10 micrometers in diameter with a thick cell wall and has a variation in membrane nanostructure. But there's no identifiable nucleus. Louis concluded that the red material came from a comet entering the earth's atmosphere and exploded over the skies of India. He said that these red cells maybe come from the extra-terrestrial beings.

In the Sheffield University, UK there's a microbiologically expert. His name is Milton Wainwright. He said that the red elements are living cells. Why he really believe that this is a living cells because he had found the DNA from the cells elements. Because of the red particles are living cells, the scientists theorized that particles is a blood. According to the theory, the meteorite was exploded and hit a group of bats in the air. But theory was rejected because the lacks of evidence the support this theory like there's no bat wings fell to earth.

Is the red rain in Kerala are from outside the earth? Some scientists skeptical and rejected this theory. But some other scientist have not found the answer. An ancient theory said that life on earth come from outer space. Is it true? Could they be right? This rain is still become a mystery. I heard from my television this raid also happened again in 2008.

Dr. Godfrey Louis

Frog Rain Phenomenon, in Japan
Another weird phenomenon about rain also happened in Japan. It also said by the newsreader about other rain phenomenon. The people in Japan also shock with this rain. The rain wasn't like common rain, but the strange animal shaped like a frog or a tadpole fish. This happened in several cities in Japan such as city Taiwa, Nakanoto, Asahi and Kuki. With the long body around 5 cm. So far, no one can't explained why this happened in Japan. Some people said that this was really weird incident which happened in Japan. They called this "animal rain", because of the climate change. Even the Japanese meteorology agency also can't explain what causes it. Direct witnesses of this incident are Mr.Aichi, Mrs.Miyagi, Mr.Saitama and Mr.Toyama, Mr.Ishikawa.

In June 16, 2009. Mr. Aichi, 45 years old. He was shock because of he heard something falling down above his car at 8:00 o'clock in the morning. He saw several animals was stick on the car roof.
In June 15, 2009. Mrs. Miyagi, 74 years old in Taiwa city. She also saw this phenomenon and she heard something falling down on the house roof. Whereas, the weather was bright and no rain.

Another frog rain also happened in America and Greece
We heard an information that frog rain phenomenon also happened in Minneapolis, USA, in 1901. According to local people as witnesses of this phenomenon at first the sky was covered with a green cloud that looks like a giant coat. And then the frogs in large numbers, such as poured from the sky.

In 1981 at Naphilon, Greece. Local people were shocked by hundreds of frogs that jumped from the sky down to the trees in the forest. A local newspaper was reported that a tornado which has brought all the frogs. And then thrown in the trees Naphilon, Greece. However, the interesting facts behind this news, all these frogs are species which can be found in North Africa. Wow, very mysterious.

Mr.Aichi found the frog rain in the car roof

another picture of the frog rain at the car roof

Mrs. Miyagi found the frog in her house

Fish Rain Phenomenon
In 1859, a strange phenomenon occurred in Glamorganshire, England. The fish falling down to the ground in large quantities from the sky to earth. The number of these fishes reach thousands at that time. Then the fishermen release the fish back into the sea, because most of the fish are still alive.

A similar phenomenon had occurred in Louisiana, USA in 1947. Only the difference is the fish that fell from the sky most of the already dead and frozen in ice.

In 1969, a large fish fell from the sky at a church in Sydney, Australia. The fall of big fish is also followed by a large amount of water. In 1989, about 800 small fish falling from the sky in front of the terrace house of an Ipswich citizen, Australia.

Other story of fish rain in Australia.
Lajamanu's resident were shocked by the shipment of fish for free from the sky. The weird phenomenon which only happen in a small town, about 550 kilometers southwest of Katherine, Australia. Christine Balmern as a witness from this phenomenon said that she was like a dream to see these natural wonders. Christine pinched her own hands. Still overwhelmed with amazement, she was capturing the fish is lying on the ground and put it into a bucket. "The fish was still alive when it hit the ground". This phenomenon also reported by Northern Territory News. Ashley Patterson as a senior forecaster was admitted that she didn't know how this phenomenon happened. In the natural condition on Friday, it was very possible occurrence of tornadoes in the Douglas Daly region. But, there were no official reports on that day if it happen swirling wind.

What do you do if thousands of fishes falling down in front of you? Do you want to cooked the fish or fried that fish?

Another Weird Rain Phenomenon
Crocodiles Rain Phenomenon.
This phenomenon occurs only two time in Silvertown, United States and Montreal, Canada. this strange rain occurred only a short time. The crocodiles that fell had been examined by Dr. J.L. Smith. He was surprised, because by the existence of the crocodiles are mostly still alive although it has fallen from the sky. The size of this crocodiles around 12-inch.

Snake Rain. In January 1877,
the prestigious American scientists noted that there's a rain snake with size reached 20 inches in Memphis, Tennessee.

In December 1974, a boiled egg rain occurred over several days in an elementary school in Berkshire, England.

In 1969, there was a meat rain and blood rain in most areas of Brazil.

In 2007,spiders rain falling down on the Cerro San Bernardo, Salta, Argentina.