Marvellous Star Beings Discovered In Galactic Clouds

The ancients spoke of them and the Indian texts alluded to them: the gods in the stars fashioning the universe with their unworldly powers. Now an intrepid researcher has plumbed the depths of the infinite galactic night to extract hidden information once thought beyond the grasp of Mankind's intellect.

Technology of the gods visible within Orion's belt

Mystical images from interstellar space
The images accompanying this article have undergone the same fractal imaging process employed in gleaning hidden messages and data from ice crystals in the back yard of a man who photographed them with his high resolution digital camera.

These images, processed through Photoshop and interpolated to reveal hidden energies cloaked within nebulae and star dust, present a powerful testament that supports the writings of the ancients, their belief in the powerful beings that shape the universe, and the panoply of super-advanced races (maybe billions of years older than humans), that stride the galactic night turning starstuff into planets.

A Tibetan temple built at 'the top of the world'

The astounding memory crystals of Tibet
Famous mythologist William Henry who studied the myths and traditions of many peoples of the Far East once spent time in Tibet researching the holy Llamas and their teaching of the divine beings that dwell among the stars.

Henry related one of the Tibetan tales that tells of "a divine couple [who] once appeared who hid secret teachings in 'diamond rocks, in mysterious lakes, and in unchanging boxes' that were magically closed until a special time in history. Many texts were compressed in these diamond rocks or crystals similar to the way information is inscribed onto and 'hidden' in modern microchips or CD Rom disks.

Revealed: the crowning glory of the alien masters

"This fascinating Tibetan tradition is called 'terma.' Termas, or 'concealed treasures,' are sacred texts or holy objects hidden in a paradise of eternal universal wisdom and peace. Complimenting the terma tradition is the Tibetan practice of 'dzogchen,' an ancient teaching in which hand-held conical-shaped quartz crystals were used for meditation purposes. It was believed that these objects connected their user with the creative forces of the universe, the basic forces of life."

Blue Kachina doll of the Pueblo represents a star being

Further descriptions concerning the use of these memory crystals that contained stored knowledge revealed that information was stored into them with light and that a user's mental energy could unlock the data stored with the crystal matrix and extract it as digitalized information. The crystals interacted directly with the human brain.

Being of darkness dwelling in a nebula's heart

Crystals like these, said to be brought to Earth by traveling star beings and given to the leaders of Tibet some 3,000 years ago, are similar to our computer storage technology today. Amazingly, some three millennia later, software engineers are now developing programs that mimic what these crystals did during ancient times: connecting directly with human thought.

Evidence suggests the ancients knew of the gods

Ancient texts of wisdom and records of gods dwelling in swirling starstuff
The digital revolution has opened the door to greater knowledge of the paranormal. What's called 'paranormal' is really nothing more than science we do not yet grasp.

Part of this digital revolution has opened the door to gleaning hidden information embedded within crystals such as those found in the back yard of a Before It's News reader and written about here. The article also contains fractal images unlocked through the technical magic of digital imagery and Photoshop harvesting of superimposed layers.

The Manataka Stone a directory to star beings?

The religious rites of ancient India, almost completely lost in the drifting mists of time, chronicle encounters with the gods. Careful study of the texts reveals that in most cases the gods described are not thought to be unseen, totally mystical entities, but often advanced extraterrestrials that brought great wisdom to the ancients in the land that eventually became modern day India.

Fractal nebula: towering star being surveying his handiwork

For instance, the ancient wisdom was brought to the holy ones, the priest-leaders of what later became India. Advanced concepts of mathematics were taught to the amazed thinkers of the time, including the concept of the number one billion. A thousand million, or one billion, had no practical use to the early people of those ancient days, except for the fact that it opened up the heavens to humanity and revealed a greater understanding of the vast distances between the worlds whirling in the heavenly firmament.

An Indian representation of a galactic star being

Scholars have traced back the roots of such mathematical concepts like the 'Kalpasutra' that's an important source of Vedic mathematics. For many years regarded only as a foundation for obscure religious rites, mathematicians that studied the 'religious texts' suddenly saw them for what they are: geometrical problems, solutions, and the basis for geometrical applications in the physical world.

Hubble image: a striking resemblance to ancient figurines

Incredibly, according to Dr. V.S. Narasimhan, Chennai in his book "A Concise History of Science of India," published by the prestigious Indian National Science Academy, the word "geometry" originates from the early Tamil language of India:

"Jya mean earth; miti means measure; therefore 'Jyamit' means the measurement of earth or the depiction of figures drawn upon the earth."

Close-up of image bears likeness to Sumerian 'fish god'

The Creators move the heavens

Bodhisattva figure near the top reaches upwards

Close-up of revealed figure

The Bodhisattva, according to the Buddhist monks, is a 'being of enlightenment' or a 'wisdom-being.' Ancient tradition and myth clearly states that the wisdom-beings taught the universe is being infinitely refined, shaped and constructed to achieve higher purposes. Life is a reflection of the universe and the universe a reflection of life.

In that message is the core of the idea behind quantum physics: the mind influences reality and reality influences the mind. Existence is dualistic and a symbiotic relationship exists between that which is, that which was, and all that may one day be.

Face of a god emerges from roiling gas clouds

Face of a god close-up

The digital images of the cosmos reinforce what the ancients learned from the beings of light. Now in the Twenty-first Century the tools have been created allowing Mankind to look upon the faces of the gods as they go about fashioning and recreating the universe.

These photos let us reach out across the light years and experience the vision of the ancients.