27 Reasons Why You Should Ask for the Window Seat

There are plenty of reasons to ask for a window seat. For starters you can lean on the window if you want to sleep, and you never have to get up for someone else! But it’s what’s outside of that window that is most compelling. The world is a wonderful place, one that looks entirely different from above. From sunrises and sunsets to landscapes, cityscapes and all kinds of cloud formations in between; there’s beauty out there as far as the eye can see.

Here are 27 reasons you should always ask for a window seat.

1. You might see Chicago’s skyline reflected in Lake Michigan

2. You could see a rainstorm like this off in the distance

3. Because a solar eclipse at 44,000 ft is pretty cool

4. And seeing the highest point in Africa will take your breath away

5. For the sunrises

6. And the sunsets

7. And the waterfalls you’ll never see from the aisle

Kaieteur Falls, Guyana

8. You could witness a forest fire

9. And finally understand why everyone thinks Norway is so beautiful

10. You could ride an endless sea of clouds

11. Come up with creative ways to frame a shot

12. And appreciate the expanse of a mountain range

The Pyrenees

13. Maybe you’ll see your first frozen lake

14. Or a city enveloped in fog

Warsaw, Poland

15. Cities at night can be mesmerizing too

Los Angeles, USA

16. And you can see history in an entirely different light

Prambanan Temple, Indonesia

17. You can laugh at clouds because they look like cotton balls

18. Or perhaps, see your first volcano

Mount Taranaki, NZ

19. You can find a river through a sea of clouds

20. And nothing beats the view of a city from above

New York City, USA

21. The same can be said for mountains like Fuji

22. And Rainier

23. Forget outside! Even the windows themselves can be interesting

24. And there’s always time for another sunset

25. Now that’s amore

26. It gives you a chance to say a final goodbye to the place you just left

27. And last but not least…
Beverage carts and passengers won’t bump into you on their way by!