Beautiful Heart-Shaped Lakes in the World

Mother Nature shows again its romantic designs. I dug up on the internet and got surprised at just how many heart-shaped lakes there are in the world. Once you look down from above, you’ll find dozens of lakes and other bodies of water in the shape of the universal symbol for love all over the Earth’s surface. So here is a list of the most beautiful heart-shaped lakes around the world:

1 – Shimshal Lake – Pakistan

Shimshal Lake has the shape of a heart and it is beautifully located in Hunza Valley.

2 – Gaislacher See – Austria

The deep blue heart-shaped Gaislacher See is below the majestic Gaislachkogel Mountain.

3 – Heart Lake – Canada

Heart-shaped lake surrounded by fall colours, near Ompah, Ontario.

4 – The Coeur de Voh – New Caledonia

The Coeur de Voh is a mangrove swamp that resembles a heart in New Caledonia.

5 – Crater Lake (Narlı Göl ) – Turkey

Narlıgöl is a crater lake in the shape of a heart located on the border of the Cappadocia region.

6 – Heart Lake – Russia

You must take a 5-hour trekking and climb Peak Cherskogo to see the Lake Heart at the bottom of the mountain.

7 – Heart-Shaped Pond – USA

There is a heart-shaped pond near Strongsville in Ohio.

8 – Chicago Lakes – Colorado – USA

Looking down from the Upper Chicago Lake it is possible to see the heart-shaped Lower Chicago Lake.

9 – Aral Sea – Kazakhstan

Aral Sea has the shape of a heart in the northern tip of the western half of the Large Aral Sea. Unfortunately, its beautiful shape is due to the shrinking of the sea, which is considered “one of the planet’s worst environmental disasters.

10 – Eros Lake – India

On the way to Chembra Peak it is possible to see the heart-shaped Eros Lake.

11 – Lac du Montagnon – France

Lac du Montagnon is a heart-shaped lake located in Pyrénées National Park.

12 – Heart-Shaped Lake – Brazil

Here is an aerial view of a natural lake shaped like a heart that is fed by a spring in the Amazon River basin near Manaus.

13 – Heart-Shaped Lake – Portugal

In the middle of the São Gião Dunes, 5 km South from Nazaré, a heart-shaped lake can be found.

14 – Heart-shaped Lake – Albania

Heart-shaped lake in the Junik Mountains, Kosovo Alps.

15 – Heart-Shaped Lake – Greece

Heart-shaped lake saw from the top of the acropolis in the city of Lindos.

16 – Lake of Love (Озеро Любви) – Russia

Lake of Love is a heart-shaped lake in near Arkhyz.

17 – Heart-Shaped Lake – Switzerland

Heart-Shaped Lake in Piora Valley – Swiss Alps.

18 – Heart-Shaped Lake – Tibet

In Tibet, next to the Zhuo Yong Mountain there is a heart-shaped lake called Zhuo Yong Cuo.

19 – Northrup Lake – USA

Northrup is a heart-shaped lake near Banks Lake, in Washington.

20 – Rih Lake – Myanmar

Rih Lake is a heart-shaped lake located in Falam Township, Chin State.

21 – Siit Lake – Philippines

The heart-shaped Siit Lake is located in Sulu.

22 – Lagh del Calvaresc (Lago del Cuore) – Switzerland

At a heigh of 2214 meters, Lago del Cuore is a beautiful alpine lake in the shape of a heart.

23 – Trnovacko Lake – Montenegro

Set amidst huge rocky peaks, Trnovacko Lake is best known for its heart-like shape.

24 – Buyuk Lake (Büyük Göl) – Turkey

Buyuk Gol is a heart-shaped lake located in Yedigöller National Park.

25 – Lago di Scanno – Italy

From some angles of view it is possible to contemplate the Lake Scanno shaped like a heart.

26 – Valentine Lake – Canada

Valentine Lake is a heart-shaped lake located near Saxifrage Peak in British Columbia.

27 – Heart-Shaped Saline – Brazil

Heart-shaped Lake or Salina do Coração is located in the Brazilian Pantanal.

28 – Lago di Tom – Switzerland

Lago di Tom is a heart-shaped lake in the Piora Valley.

29 – Lake Borebukta – Norway

Known as the Pool of Love and surrounded by the artic landscape, the heart-shaped lake at Borebukta on the Norwegian island of Spitzbergen, Svalbard Archipelago, emerged after a glacier melted.

30 – Lower Kachura Lake – Pakistan
Shangrila Resort Skardu, also known as “Heaven on Earth”, is nestled amongst some of the world’s highest peaks and encircles the heart-shaped Lower Kachura Lake.