Arrive Half Naked, Leave Fully Dressed

For the second year in a row, Spanish clothing outlet, Desigual organized a very gimmicky promotional sale where they gave away free clothes to the first 100 shoppers who arrived at their store in underwear. The event organized under the banner “Arrive Half Naked, Leave Fully Dressed” attracted hundreds of shoppers in Spain who braved the chilly weather to queue outside shops in their underwear on Friday to take advantage of an offer they couldn't refuse.

The crazed shoppers withstood a chilly 34 degrees Fahrenheit and were given red ID tags to wear around the neck once counted.

Aside from Madrid, the sale was held in three locations in the country - Barcelona in the northeast, San Sebastian in the north and Marbella in the south. The semi-nude is also coming to Desigual's San Francisco store.