Unintentional Photobombs

They are the moments inadvertently caught on camera that turn an ordinary photo into comedy gold.

The art of 'photobombing' has soared among the young in recent years thanks to ever-present cameras and the ease of posting pictures online.

But such moments can also take place completely by chance and are, arguably, all the better for it.

Ouch! As a tourist poses for a holiday snap in Berlin, a cyclist slams into a lamppost

Girls just wanna have fun! But as these five friends pose for a light-hearted picture, their pet dogs engage in some rather more frisky behaviour

Not impressed: A snarling man glares at the camera as four girls on a night out pose together

Creepy: As these schoolgirls make 'V For Victory' signs, a man stands in the background with his trousers around his ankles

So while some feature strangers pulling unexpected faces in the background, in one case a cyclist is caught mid-accident.

The exact moment the unfortunate rider falls off his bicycle is caught on camera as a tourist poses in front of a Berlin landmark.

Or take the five friends posing by a swimming pool in the top photo.

What was originally intended as a fun picture at the height of summer is turned into something rather more frisky by their pets.

Here's looking at you: Even something as seemingly innocuous as a television can cause much mirth

No privacy: A dog answers the call of nature while his owner strikers a voluptuous pose for the camera

Original photobomber? A cheeky boy at the window offsets the sober nature of his picture

Ladies' man: While actor Wilmer Valderrama cuddles up to two attractive females, a man in the background ruins their photo

Boobed: A topless woman strolls by right at the moment a bride and groom exchange their vows

Say cheese! A proud mother takes a photo of herself and her not-so-well-behaved son