Top 10 Crazy things in Science!

Science is a wonder on its own but then again, no matter how many scientist get born in this century and the next, it is impossible to explain or even understand each and everything related to science! Please read below to find out some of the craziest examples of how eye-brow raising science can be at times!


This is one of the most amazing science facts of all that I am sure you have not heard about. Did you know that there was a frog rain in London, Serbia, and India in the year 1998, 2005, and 2006 respectively? Then there was also a report about a frog rain in Wales in the year 2004. It might surprise you and you might think that frog rain is the name given to some kind of acidic rain but no, frog rain is what the name shows, a phenomenon where frogs actually do rain from the sky. It is scientifically proven that animal can rain down on us and the most common raining animals include frogs, fishes, and lastly, Birds. No one can exactly explain how this happens because certainly, there are no clouds that produce frogs or other animals for that matter. No this is science for you, as mysterious as ever!


There have been many instances where astronauts have explained what the universe actually looks like. In the year 2001 scientists and astronauts claimed that the color of the universe was greenish white but later they correct themselves in a paper published 2002. What they reported in that paper was that after a complete survey of the color of the galaxy, it turns out that it is in real a shade of beige white! In their survey, they included more than 200,000 galaxies just to ensure that they were on the right track and the consensus was generalized! The final color was later displayed in an article of the Washington Port. There was a joke that went around that a new name was needed for the color that was decided upon because it was neither white nor beige. Hence it was decided that universe was of a Cosmic Latte shade! I am sure that soon this would be one of the most touted colors in makeup palettes all over the world! It surely sounds very enchanting!


There was a weird phenomenon that occurred in middle Europe from the 14th to the 17th century. What happened was that people danced through the street of the towns and even of the cities. They kept on twitching and even had foam coming out of their mouths but they simply could not stop dancing. When their bodies got completely exhausted they would fall down on the floor and even then they kept on twitching! The dancers were seen screaming about wild visions and their bodies writhing in what seemed like pain inflicted by some invisible force! This scenario was first observed in 1374 in Germany. Later on, it spread through France and all of the Low Countries! This whole situation reached its peak in 1418. People were either dancing, or had fallen due to extensive dancing, or were assisting the dancers who had fallen, or were simply watching the dancers, all in all, everyone was involved in this.

Later they found out the cause of this weird happening and came to know that this happened when someone consumed rye that was infected with a small fungus known as Claviceps purpurea! This, although, is not a real consensus and is just what doctors found true in some affected parts!


There have been many apocalypse theories that are related to the orbits of the earth changing their position. Some theories even suggest that the whole galaxy is shifting in position. Well I can’t really say for sure if that is true or not but get this, the Moon’s orbit is expanding at the rate of 3.8 centimeters every year! It is expected that this gradual increase in the size of the orbit will halt in around 1.5 billion years and it would be 1.6 times its present size! This would mean that a normal earth day would be 55 days long (the amount of time it will take for the Moon to orbit the earth)!

I hope the scientists are wrong about his one but then again, who will live to see 1.5 billion years eh?


Ok so this one is a pretty gross one and I would leave out the finer details for you guys to Google later. I will merely skim through the fact that I found really shocking and which is that sometimes the collection of lint and what not that you find in your belly button, actually travels up from your boxer shorts instead of travelling down from your vest or your shirt! Mind boggling right? Feel free to Google it please! It is pretty harmless though so no need to worry!


Remember how sometimes we have heard about people putting live larvae or maggots (that have been disinfected of course) on their wounds to help the healing process. Well this was discovered long ago by doctors that the soldiers who had live maggots on their wounds seemed to heal earlier than those who did not use the maggots. It was found that the maggots seemed to eat away the dead skin and also the bacteria that had accumulated! So if you introduce live and disinfected maggots or fly larvae onto a wound that is not healing, it can actually help! This was used long before the invention of antibiotics in case you are wondering


Another gross science fact coming up! Apparently animal explosions can occur anytime anywhere. And mostly it happens because of gases that are left off of a decomposing sperm! Major “ew” factor because where normal humans fart or burp, animals explode (pardon the pun please) !


Please do not be disgusted or think that the writer must be a major pervert. This is actually true for male patients who die facing downwards because after the heart stops, the natural distribution of blood also stops and thereby the force of gravity acts upon it. This explains about everything about this whole scenario! It cannot happen if a male dies in a position other than the one mentioned before!


Remember in FRIENDS when Rachael is pregnant and Ross tries to comfort her by saying that “I wish I was a sea-horse”! Rachael looks at him in a WTF way and he explains by saying, “You see in sea horses, it is the male that gets pregnant”! So yes, it is true that with the sea horses, it IS the male that gets pregnant! I know some of you will have a lot of weird wished while reading this!


Fetus in fetu is a very rare medical case (only 91 in the whole world) where one fetus absorbs the other one into itself. The host fetus can actually grow into a normal human being the absorbed fetus still inside. It becomes very parasitic after a while which is when doctors normally intervene. The absorbed fetus cannot grow on it own because it does not have a brain but is touted to have organs and other things (albeit very weird and bizarre)!