Unique Tree Pictures

“Ancient trees are a living link to our past and they often provide a fragile constant in an ever-changing world. This is their story, but in equal measure it is also ours. Each tree has its own distinct shape and character which it carries through its lifetime.”

The following top 10 bizarre tree photos are both beautiful and awe-inspiring. A tree is indeed a beautiful thing. Who knew trees were as individual as people, but even more fun to climb.

Dragon’s Blood Tree

Silk Floss Tree

Angle Oak Tree

Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

Banyan Trees from Ta Phrom

Bristlecone Pines – Methuselah Tree

Mesquite Tree in Bahrain – Tree of Life

Elia Bouybon, Olive Tree of Vouves

El Árbol del Tule, Tule Tree

Teapot Baobab Tree