Top 10 Best Cheap Cars in the World

Everyone needs a car. Unfortunately, not everyone affords to buy an expensive one, but this is not a disaster since all the car manufacturers take into the consideration the average people, with limited budgets and produce tones of cars for them to choose from. Some are not as good a deal as they might look, and some are worth more money than you spent. In order to help you discover the real bargains, here’s a top of the 10 best cheap cars in the world.

1. Ford Fiesta

The less expensive car in the world which is also worth buying is the Ford Fiesta. It is not difficult to drive and the fuel consumption is very low. This is the reason why it is America’s most sold car. You should also consider buying the one with automatic transmission, which is also even more fuel efficient. Being very easy to drive as well, with fast responding controls, this is a perfect car for beginners. The price starts at 13.320$.

2. Honda Fit

Honda Fit is never missing from these kinds of tops. A real city car, it is small and practical. Fun to drive and economical, it also provides a large storage space, unexpected for this little car. Honda Fit is at the second generation, released in 2008. It is larger than the previous one, its interior height is also increased and the handling and ride are also improved. The price starts at 14.900$.

3. Chevrolet Cruze

The Cruse from General Motors is a really cool ride. It has not only an affordable price but also a great look and amazing features which really do not come with a small price usually. Launched in 2008 this is a family car, with accents on practicability and comfort, but also with a large interior and a spacious trunk. The quality materials and its performance rank the Chevrolet Cruze among the best affordable cars in the world.

4. Kya Soul Base

This is a stylish mini-wagon which comes not only with a cool exterior, but with interior features to match as well, such as the optional lighted stereo speakers which blink in the rhythm of your tune.It also includes air conditioning, power windows and locks, antilock brakes, and electronic stability control. Its biggest advantage is the large interior storage, while the disadvantages of Kya Soul are the narrow color choice and the lack of automatic transmission. Its price starts at 13,995$.

5. Ford Fiesta S Sedan

This nice little car is a great option if you are looking for a bargain. It is a four doors ride, featuring a 120 horsepower engine, power locks (very important on a car with no lock buttons on the doors) and electronic stability control. Also, it the fuel consumption is very low, and it is easy and enjoyable to drive it. This wheeled jewel is designed in Europe and it does not have the usual cheap-looking grey plastic exterior bits characteristic ford the base cars. At only 13, 995 $, one can easily ignore the small rear seat and the wheelbase of 98 inches only, and the other minors faults. Overall, this car is a great deal.

6. Nissan Cube

Nissan cube is a Mini MPV produced by Nissan for the Japanese market in 1998 and it is now sold all over the world. The third generation was not very popular in Europe, due to its boxiness. The second cheapest car from Nissan, even though it’s avant-garde style could have given a kick to the price. Moreover, it comes with decent basic equipments, such as air conditioning, CD player, power windows and locks, as well as antilock brakes. Its price starts at 14,750$.

7. Suzuki SX4

This car comes in two different models, each of them having their own attractive features. The first model is the ‘Crossover’ which is actually great in winters, when the snow makes your life hard,, while the little ‘Sportback ‘ which comes with a nice big rear wing. Though it doesn’t have all-wheel-drive, riding this supermini can be fun. It also has a specious interior so it may be a family car, but only if your family uses to travel light since the boot is really small. The price of 16,499$ is complety justified.

8. Nissan Versa

Nisan Versa is ranked and priced as a subcompact car, while it feels and looks as a pricier compact one. It is surprisingly spacious and comfortable inside, which makes it a real good choice for longer trips, if you have a very limited budget. It really seems as if you bought yourself a mid sized car, but with less gas consumption and with much more parking options. The standard package has only a few conveniences, but at a price which starts at 9,990$,

9. Mazda 2 Sport

This Mazda is nice outside and great inside. It is appreciated for the quality of its materials, as well as for the low emissions and fuel consumption. It s not roomier that it can be expected for a car of this size, but there is enough space for four adults to sit comfortable. It has an impressive list of standard equipment, such as: power windows, mirrors and locks, air conditioning and electronic stability control. It has what it takes to be an excellent choice, however, its price of 14, 795$ is a bit too high for such a small car, considering the fact that there are cheaper oneson the market, equally well equipped, or even better.

10. Scion xB

The Scion is considered the best and the biggest of all the compact boxed cars. It is not very cheap when it comes to fuel consumption, but its cool aspect, as well as its amazing storage spaces may help you forget this aspect. More important, it is a really safe car, as the 2010 Scion xB ranked first in an ‘Insurance Top for Highway Safety’ . Scion xB is fun in the town and great on highways as well. Priced at 16,000$, this might be an excellence choice for any family or single driver.