Top 10 Smallest Birds in the World

We present you ten smallest birds in the world. Enjoy!

1. The Bee Humming Bird
This is the worlds smallest bird. which is about 5.5cm long and weighs around 1.6 to 1.8g. But the largest among Humming birds is the Giant Humming bird it measures 23 cm in length and 18-20g in weight. the male bird is a bit smaller than the female. it also lays the smallest egg among all the birds which is even smaller than a coffee bean.
Lenght: 5.5 cm
Weight: 1.6 – 1.8 g

2. The Weebill
Weebill is often viewed as the smallest among Australian birds. it is a fast moving and a highly energetic bird. They spend most of their time it can be seen over trees searching for insects.
Lenght: 8 – 9 cm
Weight: 6 g

3. The Pardolates
These are tiny and pretty birds. because of the lovely spots on its crown and its wings, the spotted paradolate is also famous as a ‘diamond bird’. Eucalyptus trees are its favourite nesting place.
Lenght: 9 – 11 cm
Weight: 8 – 11 g

4. The Golden Headed Cisticole
Also known as Taylor bird because of its ability to ‘sew’ leaves together so as to prepare its nest.
Lenght: 10 cm
Weight: 10 g

5. The Goldcrest
It is the smallest bird of Europe. It can travel non-stop over 500 kms even though it is quite small. The belief that they hitched a ride in the plumage of migrating woodcocks had earned the goldcrests their old name ‘Woodcock pilot’.
Lenght: 8 – 9 cm
Weight: 5 – 7 g

6. The Brown Gerygone
It is also called as brown warbler. Gerygone means born of song. These are found in regions in South-East Asia.
Lenght: 9 – 11 cm
Weight: 5 – 6 g

7. The Goldfinch
The most widely known among the goldfinches are the American, the Lawrence’s, the European and the Lesser. The Lesser goldfinch represents the smallest among the goldfinches. Its wingspan is about 21-25 cm.
Lenght: 10 – 11 cm
Weight: app. 9.5 g

8. The Bananaquit
These are thieves because they enter into houses in order to ‘steal’ sugar. Hence it is also known as ‘sugar bird’ it spends quite a bit of time grooming its feathers.It is highly sociable bird.
Lenght: 7.5 – 12 cm
Weight: 5.5 – 19 g

9. The Tropical Parula
It was called olive-backed warbler. Breeding habitat consists of live oak woodlands, where these build very distinctive nests looking like pendant cups. Nests are built about 3.5 – 9 m above the ground and are mossy cups of Usnea sp. suspended with spider webs and thin hair-like fibres.
Lenght: app. 11 cm
Weight: app. 3 g

10. The Crimson Chat
These birds are common in Australia. They make an aggressive high- pitched sound otherwise their most calls are soft.
Lenght: 10 – 12 cm
Weight: 10 – 11 g