Animal Migration

Animal migration is the travelling of long distances in search of a new habitat/home. The trigger for the migration is usually a response to lower temperatures resulting in a reduced food supply, and a change in day length. Migration is common in mammals, fish , and some insects but is most marked in birds. To be counted as a true migration, and not just a local dispersal or irruption, the movement of the animals should be an annual or seasonal occurrence. Here are some examples of truly awesome, breathtaking, and spectacular animal migration photos that you should see yourself. Enjoy the photos!

White Pilcans, Lousiana

Flamingo, Yucatan Peninsula

Jellyfish, Palau

Burchell's Zebra, Botswana

Wildebeest, Kenya/Tanzania

Albatross, Falkland Islands

Pronghorn, Wyoming

Bison, South Dakota

Mexican Free-Tailed Bats, Texas

Snow Geese, New Mexico

Walrusses, Svalbard

Gentoo Penguins, South Georgia

Monarch Butterflies, Mexico

Samburu Elephants, Kenya

Elephant Seals & King Penguins

Red Crabs


Army Ants