Gibraltar Airport, The Only Airport Intersecting a Road

Gibraltar Airport or North Front Airport is a civilian airport that serves the British overseas territory of Gibraltar, a tiny peninsula with an area of only 6.8 square kilometres. The lack of flat space on Gibraltar means the peninsula's only runway is bisected by its busiest road, the Winston Churchill Avenue that heads towards the land border with Spain. A pair of flimsy-looking barriers closes vehicular traffic every time a plane lands or departs. Fortunately, it’s not a busy airport. It handles only about 30 flights a week, all flying to and from the United Kingdom.

Cars wait patiently as a Jumbo taxies on the runway at the Gibraltar Airport.

View of Gibraltar Airport as seen from the Rock of Gibraltar.

Vehicles use the road through the runway when no flight is operating

Road closed to allow a small aircraft to land.

Traffic stalled again as a small jet takes off.