Top 10 Deadly Inventions

Human beings have a gift for deadly inventions. They enjoy hurting themselves like no other species on Earth and over the years, they refined this “art”. The desire to be stronger than others, to be “prepared” and to have means of protection made us self destructive, dangerous for the environment and for our own species. In my opinion, evolution is not possible if all we do is constantly fearing each other, and threatening one another. Here are some of the deadly inventions we need to get rid of first, if we want to take civilization one step further:

1. The Atomic Bomb

The invention of the atomic bomb was the achievement of Robert Openheimer. This bomb is the deadliest invented do far, but governments are always looking for more efficient ways to kill. The atomic bomb was used during the World War II and it caused the death of 66,000, in Hiroshima only…

2. TNT

The trinitrotoluene was one of the most sensational, yet deadly inventions out there. It was the achievement of Joseph Wilbrand, a German Physicist who had no idea that he created a weapon that would change the face of the world. In 1902 German soldiers tried to use it, but what was considered an yellow painting and nothing more, turned out to be an explosive substance.

3. Freon

Here is another discovery that proved deadly in ways nobody was expecting (or trying to prevent, actually), even though the owner had peaceful ideas. Freon was discovered by Thomas Midgeley, who was working for General Motors at that time (1930). Today, even if we know that freon is responsible for the destruction of the ozone layer, we continue to use it within the household.

4. Dirty Bombs

Dirty bombs are more complex weapons, because they are charged with explosives and radioactive material. Their purpose is not necessarily that of killing as many people as possible, but rather that of creating panic among the residents. Moreover, they are sure to cause awful diseases and death.

5. The guillotine

Why would someone invent a deadly machine such as this one? The famous guillotine was created at the end of the 18th century and was used up to the moment when France abolished the death penalty, in 1981. Intended as a “humane” method of execution (how could executions ever be humane?) it was actually one of the most hatred instruments in the world.

6. The land mines

These explosives are among the most vicious and deadly inventions in history. Not only that they are deadly, but they cause death of civilians, sometimes even many years after the war or the conflict that required the use of these mines. They are so dangerous because they are buried in the ground and anyone –even a small child- could step on one of them.

7. Sarin Gas

The proverb “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” is very accurate in this case as well. Dr. Gerhard Schrader had the noblest intentions when working with this substance: he was trying to diminish the famine in the world by creating insecticides, when he obtained Sarin gas instead. Sarin is listed among the weapons of mass destruction and is the carrier of a horrible death, with the victim losing control of his body and experiencing horrible symptoms that start with a runny nose, continue with nausea and breathing problems, twitching and jerking and finish with coma and death.

8. DDT

DDT was also used as a pesticide in the beginning. Synthesized for the first time in 1874, this substance is now known to severely damage the environment and to cause cancer in humans. Here are 2 great reasons for its interdiction, which occurred some decades ago. Sadly, there are some countries where DDT is used even now.

9. The automatic rifle

This is one of the deadliest inventions of all time, not only because it is automatic (self-loading) but also because it is used not by the army (good guys) but also by gangs, all over the world. The AK-47, M16A1 and M-14 are some of the proud inheritors of the automatic rifle created by Manuel Mondragon, a Mexican general, in1 887.

10. Agent Orange

The substance with such a positive name is actually one of the deadly inventions of our world. It was the badly inspired idea(though the US army might consider it a great discovery) of Arthur Galstone, a farmer who wanted nothing else than develop a hormone fertilizer by spraying his crops but the Agent Orange proved to be much more than Galstone imagined. Thus, it was given to the army and was unfortunately used in order o kill thousands during the Vietnam War.