Top 5 Natural Wonders of the World Which Will Disappear

Dark estimates ! According to some estimates, if global warming continues, the Great Barrier Reef will disappear by 2030, glaciers in the Swiss Alps and Mount Kilimanjaro will suffer the same fate in less than 40 years, and ice in the Arctic will North Pole leave “empty” and polar bears are threatened by extinction. Here are five natural wonders of the world are under threat of extinction and worth seeing.

1. Everglades
National park in Florida, which has an area of ​​approximately 2.5 million acres, including wetlands, cypress pond, mangroves, pine savannas.What is interesting about this place that is the only place in the world where crocodiles and alligators share the territory.Threats are: pollution that comes from farms, invasive species, developing irrational, plus the fact that 60% of the region’s water is diverted to cities.At least 20 other species
in the Everglades are in danger

2. Maldives
Why are in danger these islands?Because continued global warming and melting ice leads to rising sea levels. The small islands and atolls 1190 (of which 200 are inhabited) amounted to only about 2.5 meters above sea level.These lovely islands are situated in Indian Ocean and is rich in coral and fish species that are unfortunately in danger, such as leopard sharks.

3. Ranthambore National Park - Indian state of Rajasthan
Do you like tigers?Well this is the perfect place to see they.Bad news because wild tiger population has declined overall by about 3,200 copies, more than half of them living in India. Unless efforts are extreme, these animals could disappear in our lifetime.

4. Tropical Forest Tahuamanu
This lovely place is populated of Macaw parrots which are endangered, such as jaguars, ocelots and giant otters.Magnificent forest of Peru is a significant source of mahogany, but illegal logging has severely affected the United States is responsible for the purchase of 80% of mahogany.

5. Yangtze River Basin

Exotic animals such as sheep, dwarf or giant panda can be found in this area.Yangtze River basin is in danger of losing species of marine life and animal special. Deforestation, pollution and landslides have severely affected region.