Little Magneto, Ivan Stoiljkovic

Ivan Stoiljkovic lives in a village near Koprivnica, a city in northern Croatia. He is a 6 years old boy with special powers he has got a magnetic body which can attract any metallic objects such as mobile phone, pins, spoons and even frying pans. Any metallic object will stick to his body which behaves just like a magnet.

According to his parents Ivan can carry up to 25 kg of metal stuck on his body. The local journalists were very excited when they heard of Ivan and were surprised when he actually demonstrated his unbelievable capabilities. Ivan took off his shirt in front of the journalists and started sticking frying pan and dumbbells to his body.

His family claims that Ivan also has the ability to heal people. When his grandfather had stomach pains he used his hands and placed them on his grandfathers stomach. The area become hot and the pain vanished. According to his family Ivan has healed many people with his bare hands.

When compared with other kids, Ivan is more stronger and can carry bags of cement with ease. His ability is definitely unbelievable and does remind about the character “Magneto” in X-Men comics.

With his special powers, Ivan definitely is an attractive kid.