Referee Jorge Larrionda who led England vs Germany Shot dead
Referee Jorge Larrionda of urugay who led England vs Germany match in World Cup matches in 2010 continued last night met his end, not long ago after leading the match between England vs. Germany, referee Jorge Larrionda dikepala precise shot dead by people who are not in the know, that in expect a sniper.

Some witnesses said the incident happened so quickly I heard a voice suddenly shot two times in a row - which is assumed to take part come from one hotel room not far from the Mangaung / Bloemfontein - Free State Stadium, where the match Germany vs. England in last night held .

Currently while local police are investigating the association which then annulled the referee Jorge Larrionda a Frank Lampard scored the German goal was not approved of the British Team.

Until this story scaled back, Performers confirmed the shooting had not been caught and was not going to get caught, because I hurried up from a dream, after a night of disappointment with the results of Germany versus England and the referee's decision ....