Aquarium "AquaDom"

The volume of the aquarium is about 900 000 liters. In this building resides 110 different species of fish.
All in all, "AquaDome" swims and lives about 2700 fish and fish of different sizes.
At the height of this gigantic structure is 25 meters, diameter of the outer shell - 11 meters,
and domestic - more than three meters.

Diver tries to pat the fish-Napoleon during cleaning huge aquarium «AquaDom» March 22 in Berlin.

«AquaDom» - a 25-meter Aquarium cylindrical acrylic glass, built around a transparent elevator. It is located in the hotel «Radisson SAS Hotel».
«AquaDom» opened in December 2003. The construction of this miracle took 12.8 million euros.

Design aquarium claimed the company «International Concept Management, Inc.». A cylinder of acrylic was built by «Reynolds Polymer Technology».

Now this is the main attraction of marine center of Berlin.

The outside of the aquarium was set up in place of the four pieces, the inside of the aquarium - for the elevator - was delivered in one piece.

«Aquadom» - the largest acrylic glass cylinder in the world, its diameter is more than 11 meters, and he built a 9-meter concrete foundation.

Aquarium filled with 900 000 liters of sea water. In its usual 2,600 fish, 56 species.

For feeding and cleaning the aquarium at the hotel are two scuba diver on an ongoing basis.

The complex «DomAquarée» also has a hotel, office building, restaurant and famous aquarium.